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In the face of a global pandemic, the Philippines has one of the world's worst responses. Health, food, transporation, labor, are all in disaster.

Yet online schooling is being pushed for.

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Only half of 28 million Filipino students are expected to enroll in the 2020—2021 Academic Year. Only 1 in 4 teachers have laptops. This doesn't count the difficulties and larger crises that students face. is an initiative to make online schooling more accessible to Filipino students. Technology should be a bridge, but it's currently a barrier. If you can read this page, you already have better access than most Filipino students—but that doesn't mean the learning provided to you is just, either.

What we're tackling

1. a petition and demands for educators and institutions
2. a repository of learning resources & tools
3. a fundraiser/drive to provide gadgets and laptops for students in need

Get involved

Get Involved

—Student voices, help us craft demands and let us know your thoughts towards online schooling.
—Fellow Filipinos, let's gather resources and help more students access the internet—which should be a right.